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TupiLabs Report: 15-Nov, 21-Nov

This is our weekly Open Source report with news from 15-Nov to 21-Nov.

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TupiLabs Report: 08-Nov, 14-Nov

This is our weekly Open Source report with news from 08-Nov to 14-Nov.

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Querying SPARQL endpoints using Jena JDBC and Squirrel SQL

My favorite SQL Editor is Aqua Datastudio, which I use for Open Source projects, accessing Hive, MySQL, SQLite and several other data bases. However, while working on a customer site, I can’t use Datastudio due to its license. So another great SQL Editor that I use is Squirrel SQL.

Last week I had to execute several queries manually against a SPARQL endpoint - that was using Fuseki BTW. After doing that for ten minutes I decided that I needed a more productive way. Here’s where Jena JDBC enters.

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DMC Latam 2014 dia 2 (pt-BR)

O segundo dia do DMC Latam 2014 começou com um dos dias mais frios em São Paulo. Mas dentro do Hotel o clima estava ótimo, e ainda tinha bastante café preto e bem quente. Percebi que o pessoal estava mais a vontade para trocar cartões e puxar assunto na área livre.

Sala Principal
Sala Principal
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DMC Latam 2014 dia 1 (pt-BR)

O DMC Latam 2014 começou nesta quinta-feira, 13/08. O evento está sendo realizado no mesmo local do ano passado, na Rua Martins Fontes, 330, no Hotel Braston. Este ano consegui chegar cedo e peguei o café da manhã.

DMC Latam Coffee Break
O Café da Manhã do DMC Latam 2014

A abertura deste ano teve um narrador, daqueles com voz de filmes, explicando a agenda do evento e fazendo os agradecimentos aos patrocinadores. Seguido pelo Rossano falando sobre realizações da DAMA desde o ano passado e sobre as palestras do dia.

O DMC Latam deste ano distribuiu um brinde na entrada para todos os participantes e também um exemplar do livro “A função do Chief Data Officer - Reorganizando os cargos executivos para alavancar o seu mais valioso ativo”.

DMC Latam Coffee Break
Sala principal
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Add tags to Jenkins builds or export specific builds

This idea is from @abayer, from these following tweets:

Tweet 1


Tweet 2

We could simply add tags to builds, and then create some place that would list the builds (or other things) that are tagged appropriately. Or we could add a way to define whicih builds should be exported to some tool, and then via the plug-in API maybe, post to this external tool.

Add support to Promoted Builds on Build Pipeline Plug-in


Jenkins Build Pipeline Plug-in, by Centrum Systems (Australia), is an excellent plug-in, used by many users (over 6000 downloads according to last report).

However, it does not work well with the Jenkins Promoted Builds Plug-in, another great plug-in (over 4100 downloads last month).

It means that users are not able to create pipelines based on promotion (promoted pipelines?). This contribution would be awesome, useful and help a lot of users (maybe over 10000? :-)

Enhance MySQL management in Stacks (University of Oregon)


Stacks processes RAD DNA sequences and produces output, that is displayed on the Web with a bundled PHP+MySQL application. This application is quite useful, especially since it helps developers to analyze large amounts of data.


One limitation though, is that some management tasks may need manual execution of SQL’s in the database. Someone could add few scripts or new features to the Web interface (like a management section?). This could help researchers on their research.

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